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The Web Shack is a web development company specializing in mobile-friendly responsive websites, hosting, domain, email, social media marketing, and photography for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We are based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota - and have a second summer location in the Brainerd Lakes Area near Nisswa and Pequot Lakes.
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Planning Your Website – Part 1

Welcome to “Planning Your Website” – a 3-part series that will break the web development process down into “bite-sized” chunks that are easier to swallow. Don’t worry, we’re here to be your guide – to hold your hand and help you navigate the intimidating world of website development!...

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Responsive vs Mobile Friendly Design

There are two common terms that are used when talking about mobile websites: MOBILE FRIENDLY and RESPONSIVE. So, just what do these mean, and how do you know if your site falls into one of these categories?...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful asset to your small business or non-profit organization, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming, and even a detriment if neglected or not used correctly. Yes, it's a powerful marketing tool, but what is often forgotten is that it is a SOCIAL platform. The key to success is being social, creating relationships, and CONNECTING with your customers. Don't talk TO them, interact WITH them....

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Professional Photography on Location at Your Small Business

Why Use Professional Photography in Your Marketing

It's a story repeated over and over on the internet. A company invests an enormous amount of time and money in an online marketing campaign - a new logo, social media and email marketing, print materials, and a brand new mobile friendly website. Hours upon hours are spent poring over colors, branding, fonts, and writing copy. However, there is one critical element of marketing that is often overlooked ...

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